DEATHTRAP by Ira Levin

Review By Kari Cowan - Oct 21, 2018

Any fan of the classic Conan Doyle style murder, mystery, thriller will be absolutely enchanted with Ira Levin’s Deathtrap. Under the direction of Jennifer Cleough, this thriller in two acts came to life on the Mercury Theatre Stage in Duncan, B.C. It is the perfect eerie show for the month of October. Our lead actors, Keith Simmonds and Alex Walker give a gut-twisting, spine-tingling performance as veteran playwright Sydney Bruhl, and young upstart Clifford Anderson. These two share phenomenal energy that guide the show’s twisted plot line expertly. If you are wanting to immerse yourself in the spooky Halloween feeling of the season, while enjoying some live theatre, and supporting local arts, this is a great opportunity for all!

The set design for this show is quite intricate and pulls from a store of real furniture, such as a real metal wood stove, a classic writing desk and some antique style handcuffs, along with two working typewriters. It is obvious that much care and thought has been put into the design. Of course the show wouldn’t be complete without a strong supporting cast. Angie Brockhurst, plays Sydney’s wife Myra, Phaedra Fairwell appears as quirky neighbour Helga Ten Dorp, and Jim Cleough, as the nosy lawyer, Porter Milgrim. This group brings the text to life effortlessly and the story is so intriguing it will have you glued to the edge of your seat for the entire performance. If you would like a chance to see this show, it is still running for another weekend, October 25th to the 28th at the Mercury Theatre in Duncan. This is not a show to be missed!  


Excerpts and photos from review by Lexi Bainas / Cowichan Valley Citizen -  Nov 19, 2017 

This is a Christmas special like you’ve never seen before.

The Mercury Players production of Nuncrackers provides goofy, ridiculous, and truly hilarious family fun to get you in a holiday mood.

The show is light and lively in parts, sweet and thoughtful in others, and overall is just great entertainment


Excerpts from review by James Goldie / Cowichan Valley Citizen - Nov 29, 2017

It takes a playwright of Foster’s skill to explore such themes, all the while delivering laughs, and it takes a cast as talented as this to make audiences truly care.

(Michael) Terides and (Brandon) Newell do a masterful job illustrating the strained relationship between their characters with terse and snappy dialogue, a rapid back-and-forth of barbed comments.


(Leslie) Sanchez is incredible, and gets to exercise her full chops as an actor in this performance, comedic and dramatic, as Gin, but also during the flashback sequences when she portrays Harry’s ex-wife and later Harry’s mother. She had me laughing out loud as Gin but gave me chills as Laurie during the scenes in which her and Harry’s marriage disintegrated.


This production marks the directorial debut of Marinus Vesseur, although one would never guess it. He expertly walks the line between humour and tragedy, and has produced a show that moves like a well-oiled machine, never letting the audience’s attention wander or wane.


This is a show that explores the impact of trauma from one generation on to those down the line, the ripple effect from grandparents to parents to children. Intergenerational trauma doesn’t exactly sound like a barrel of laughs but watch The Mercury Players prove it can be done.