Play Readings at the

Mercury Theatre

The Mercury Players Society is proud to host play readings this season at the Mercury Theatre.  Our Artistic Director will offer a selection from his list of potential plays. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to get a sneak peak or start getting ready for an audition. 

Even if you are not a performer, please feel free to come for this social evening.

         All Welcome!

Keep checking back for more play reading events

Our Next Reading Night


October 28, 2020


All participants will be required to wear a mask and social distancing will be in effect.


Cultivating conversations among neighbours


“‘12 Characters in Search of an Apocalypse’, written by Andrew Boyd ... is a collection of twelve ‘Characters’ or short snapshots of how diverse individuals living in the USA relate (or don’t relate) to the climate emergency.”


“When I read the piece …,  I realized it could engage people with very different outlooks on the issues surrounding the issue of global warming and climate. So a group of us came together and began reading the piece out loud to groups of people and began using it as a seed for having a conversation.


“This has now evolved into events around Wales and England. These gatherings bring together local people, to sit and listen, share a cup of tea and share with one another how we are being affected by the unravelling we are living through.


“… thus was initiated a two-year road trip around the UK, bringing the words of the 12 Characters to village halls, living rooms, cafes, churches, and Quaker meetings.”

- from:


Format:  After reading three of the characters, all present are invited to talk together, to share their responses to what they’ve heard. Then another three characters are read, with conversation following, and so on.  After reading of all twelve characters, all present are invited to participate in a big conversation.


Here is a link to the scripts: